Turn-key Metering Skid

Turn-key Metering Skid
Turn-key Metering Skid
Turn-key Metering Skid

This SES-designed and fabricated metering skid facilitates supply of natural gas to the Kansas City market. Services included comprehensive facility design; P&ID diagramming; material procurement; concrete design; and conduit and cable schedule for instrumentation and utility connection.

A flow computer on the skid controls and measures the gas delivered to the LDC. The HMI at Gas Control was programmed to allow remote monitoring. The project team supervised skid fabrication and installation of the concrete piers, conduit, and instrumentation. They also provided start-up assistance.

The skid is equipped with two separate metering runs in order to serve high/low demand conditions. Due to its location in a residential area, the skid’s design incorporates unique sound-dampening features.

• Site plan
• Concrete design and fabrication
• Meter skid design and engineering
• Instrumentation specification/procurement/installation
• Tie-in to existing interconnect
• Sound dampening box and valve wrapping
• Control building and flow computer enclosure


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