108th Street Improvement

108th Street Improvement
108th Street Improvement
108th Street Improvement
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The 108th Street improvement project allowed much of the road to be built at-grade on open land and increased the amount of developable ground on both sides of the new roadway. The 13.6-acre undeveloped property at 108th Street (from I-435 to Shoal Creek Parkway) is located near Bell Prairie Elementary school in Kansas City, MO. This property serves as a catalyst for future commercial development in the area, as economic activity along the roadway and development-related jobs grow. This corridor project also provided much needed traffic relief for the North Kansas City School District complex by creating a safe secondary access point. Additionally, the roadway supplied a safe alternative to motorists driving on Staley Road (a two lane, rural road). Perhaps the biggest enhancement to the area is the functionality of the project in an overall east/west corridor route across the Northland. Construction of NE 108th Street provided a key link in the corridor which will eventually become the second longest east/west roadway corridor in the Northland, spanning from Highway 291 to Interstate I-29.


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