SKW intern Jacob Lemons at a computer

Based out of SKW’s Tulsa office, Jacob Lemons has assisted with a cathodic protection project throughout the summer.

Most days, Shafer, Kline & Warren’s (SKW) interns are not in the Tulsa or Weatherford offices. If you are looking for interns Tom Klade and Jacob Lemons, you will probably find them gaining experience in the field.

For Klade, a computer science major who graduated from Southwestern Oklahoma State University in May, the internship has been an opportunity to experience a real-world work environment while learning about PLC programming, which is used for the automation of machinery and processes.

“I really like developing an understanding of how the PLC and the compressor stations work together,” said Klade. “With the PLC board, you can control the whole site with one computer.”

Klade’s mentor is Coleman Farley, SKW Enterprise Solutions engineering technician. Farley and Klade have been working on a compressor station project throughout the summer.

“It’s been a great experience,” said Farley. “I feel like I was able to help Tom gain knowledge and experience in the field, and at the same time, enhance my ability to lead and mentor.”

Jacob Lemons is a pipeline integrity major at Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology going into his sophomore year. By submitting weekly reports on his internship, he is earning credits toward his major.

“I enjoy getting out in the field and learning first hand with the field staff,” said Lemons. “I’ve really expanded my understanding of all you can do with survey. There is a lot of things I didn’t know you could do.”

Lemons has been working on a close interval survey as part of a cathodic protection assessment for a pipeline integrity project in Oklahoma.

“I now have a better understanding of the industry and work experience in my field,” said Lemons.

Lemons first learned about SKW from Ben McKay, a corrosion technician at SKW, who was hired full time after completing a summer internship with SKW.

“Overall, it’s been a really great experience,” said Klade. “I have enjoyed how the internship is set up with the first week in Kansas City spent getting to know everyone and the company, and then to be immersed in the job the rest of the summer. I have really learned a lot!”