SKW combines excavation, inspection and installation services with technical excellence to protect vital oil and gas investments.

backhoe in a field

SKW will offer clients pipeline excavation in addition to its inspection and installation services.

Renowned for engineering and land surveying since 1950, Shafer, Kline & Warren (SKW) announced the launch of its construction services group today. This new team will be focused on pipeline integrity, an area where SKW has seen increased demand for construction services.

 The addition of construction services will allow SKW to offer a single source for pipeline excavation, inspection and installation services; previously, these services have been handled by multiple contractors.

This represents increased efficiency and convenience for SKW’s clients in the way of improved cost projections. Additionally, SKW’s comprehensive services will help alleviate delays in pipeline integrity and maintenance projects caused by a scarcity of companies servicing this market.

“This new venture is really a reflection of SKW’s commitment to providing solutions.  This step toward vertical integration brings added value to the market we serve and aligns with the needs of our clients,” said Brandon Pipesh, head of construction services at SKW.

SKW’s construction services will focus on underserved small capital, and operations and maintenance projects. The unique combination of engineering expertise and experience will allow SKW to simplify and streamline project management to reduce the time and cost of pipeline projects for its clients.

With its roots in the Midwest, SKW has offices in Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas, near many oil and gas assets. As one of the region’s leading consulting firms with licensed surveyors in 19 states and licensed engineers in 35 states, SKW is positioned to design, build and operate interstate pipelines throughout the U.S.