SKW is dedicated to maintaining safe, clean water supplies that serve communities. Consumers and industries have come to expect access to virtually unlimited quantities of potable water. We develop innovative engineering solutions for cities, rural and wholesale water districts, as well as, industries of all sizes. We understand our designs help communities build more than just infrastructure improvements – we help improve lives and ensure the communities’ health, safety and welfare.


As communities grow they place increasing demands on public services, including wastewater treatment. Maintaining aging wastewater systems in your community can be daunting. We understand the challenges municipalities face from aging and deteriorating infrastructure to the increasing stringency of permits and regulations, and capital funding gaps and increased modernization costs.

As consulting engineers, SKW will help you find the most cost-effective solutions to your wastewater collection and treatment challenges. Our experienced engineers will help you address your pressing issues, stay within budget and plan for the future.

SKW engineer Dennis Stith with customer at water treatment plant


Stormwater management is one of the most influential environmental considerations affecting infrastructure operation, maintenance and improvement. Whether the project entails a multi-phased master plan or a simple drainage study, SKW considers responsible design integral to protecting water quality and ensuring flood protection.

SKW is prepared to meet increasingly stringent regulations that emphasize water quality and habitat preservation, while providing hydraulic capacity with practical and economical designs to minimize drainage concerns. Additionally, our engineers are experienced helping municipalities to address aging or undersized infrastructure for their stormwater systems.

SKW’s comprehensive water, wastewater and stormwater solutions, include:

  • Studies and regulatory compliance analysis
  • Master and facility plans
  • Civil, electrical/mechanical and structural design
  • Operations and maintenance
  • Rate studies and budget analysis
  • Permitting and negotiations
  • Construction staking and observation

SKW also tracks state and federal regulations to determine the potential impacts to our clients’ water systems. We work to keep you informed about both the current and proposed regulations.